Episode 2

Published on:

22nd Feb 2021

Preparation to Receive the Holy Spirit

Ready to receive the Holy Ghost after seeing the Bible evidence? It is time to prepare, so how do we do that? And what role does Faith have in all this?

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About the Podcast

Receive Ye the Holy Ghost
Spirit Baptism
Have you received the Holy Ghost since you became a believer? This is the question Paul asked the 12 Jewish believers of Ephesus is Acts 19:2. It is the same question that every Christian believer should ask his/herself and then make sure that our answer is confirmed with Bible evidence.

Are you seeking to be Born of the Spirit with the scriptural evidence of speaking in tongues? This podcast will guide you through the scriptures, prepare you to receive the Holy Spirit and help you increase in Faith.

Already have the Holy Ghost and want to be more effective at helping others to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit? This podcast also contains a detailed "Altar Workers" guide that you can apply as God connects you with those ready to receive.

Former Pastor and now Author, Dwight Davis, wrote this eBook in 2018. Now available in podcast form, you can also obtain a pdf copy at https://www.153greatfish.com/153ebooks.html.

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Jeremiah Dirnberger

153 Great Fish is a Christian Growth and Maturity Ministry originated by a businessman and now-retired Pastor, Dwight J. Davis, who came to Christ in 1993. The content is currently produced and curated by Jeremiah & Lisa Ellen Dirnberger. Jeremiah is a recovering atheist and Lisa Ellen was raised Catholic. Both came to Christ in 2007.